= Equipment Leasing =

1. I own a small business but don't have the cash to buy some equipment I need, what can I do?
Make the best deal you can with the seller of the equipment and let PFH buy it and lease it to you. You can buy it at the end of the lease for the fair market value or for only $1.00! PFH offers leasing for just about any piece of equipment you can use in your business, from computers and heavy equipment to trucks and forklifts. Let your imagination be your guide!

2. I'm in a hurry, will this take long?
Absolutely not! Upon receipt of your completed application, we can approve your lease in 2 hours or less!

3. Is there a minimum transaction size?
Yes, our minimum transaction is $5,000. But you can group pieces of equipment together to make up the minimum transaction size. For instance, your computer may be less than the $5,000 minimum, but when combined with some other office equipment will meet the minimum.