= Residential Mortgages =

1. Can I get a mortgage even if I have bad credit?
Bad credit, no credit or even good credit...doesn't make a difference. PFH represents over thirty different lenders all over the country to find mortgages for people with all kinds of credit, bad good or none at all!

2. The bank started a foreclosure on my house...is it too late?
Not at all. PFH can get you a mortgage during your foreclosure. In fact, PFH has the experience to negotiate a discounted payoff with your mortgage lender to save you money. That way your existing mortgage lender pays your closing costs.

3. What if I've filed for bankruptcy?
PFH can find a mortgage even if you are in bankruptcy! Because PFH specializes in mortgages for people with bad credit, we can find mortgages for people who are in foreclosure, in default on their mortgages or even in bankruptcy!

4. Other banks have told me that the income on my tax return is not enough to support the mortgage I am requesting, but I have other means of supporting the mortgage...but I can't prove it...what do I do now?
No problem, PFH has no income verification mortgages. This means that we dont really care what your income is. This type of mortgage is ideal for owners of cash businesses, or people who have complicated tax returns.

5. Is the application process difficult?
Not at all There are no up front application fees! Just call our office for an appointment with one of our loan representatives. We'll help you fill out your application and help you all the way through the closing.

6. How long will it take to get an answer after we submit our loan application?
In most cases, we will have an answer in only 2 days!

7. Can I talk to a loan representative about my loan situation before submitting my application?
Of course! Just call any of our mortgage representatives at our main office and they will answer all of your questions...in complete confidence.